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Raw webcam output

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I'm hoping that someone here might be able to help. I have a logitech c300 webcam, which can aperate in raw/bayer mode. this works fine on windows where I get raw output in an rgb format but with red and blue bytes set to 0 and the pixel intensity set in the green byte.
On linux the camera uses the UVC driver and I can activate the raw mode using uvcdynctrl or the controls in guvcview. however the output appears corrupted and looks like multiple copies of the image interlaced and offset horizontally in a generally pink and grey hue. It seems this has something to do with the data being incorrectly interpretted as mjpeg or something as the output has the telltale 8x8 pixel blocks used in jpg. Also when setting the input format in guvcview the only option that works is mjpeg. Anything else results in no output from the webcam and just timeouts.

I've put an example of an extracted frame at http://homepages.see.leeds.ac.uk/~earpros/test0.png which is a close up shot of one of my daughters hair clips showing a picture of a Disney character (upside down).

Any help much appreciated.